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Connect Incentives with Districts

LTKL connects districts with a myriad of incentive opportunities to support the districts’ consistent transformation into sustainable and competitive districts. Variety of incentive opportunities include public, private & innovative blended options.

1. Public Incentive

Public incentive opportunities for the district are provided through national government support schemes. Options may include support on programs, funding, fiscal transfer and/or other form of award and recognition.

  • Ecological Fiscal Transfer. Vertical incentive from higher-level to lower-level government based on ecological performance. Siak, Sigi and Sanggau Districts are currently developing this incentive scheme.
  • Pilot for district-level GHG Inventory Implementation. Gorontalo district, aided by the Ministry of Environment & Forestry and Koaksi Indonesia, became the pilot for district-level GHG inventory using a bottom-up scheme.
  • Pilot for district-level assessment in the implementation of Sustainable Agriculture Guide in Siak, Sintang and Kapuas Hulu District
  • Pilot for Sustainable Palm Oil National Action Plan implementation & palm oil moratorium report at district level.
  • Local SMEs Development Programs with SMESCO Indonesia
  • Awards from national Ministry/Agencies
  • Joint programs with national Ministry/Agencies

2. Private Incentive

Non-public opportunities for the district are provided through collaboration with non-state actors including development partners, civil society and private sector. Incentives can be in the form of joint programs, financing, trade transactions, investment, promotion & communication channels and/or any other relevant forms.

  • Donor support
  • Media coverage on public events
  • KEHATI Awards
  • Business Matching | Matchmaking forums for businesses and investors to meet with district representatives to promote and pitch strategic commodities from their district to expectant buyers.
  • Culinary Journey | Collaboration with Pothead in showcasing local menu from LTKL district members at KAUM Jakarta
  • Sustainable Goods Catalog & Hampers | a compilation of sustainable, nature-based products from SMEs in LTKL districts members. These products are sold as hampers on special occasions.

3. Innovative & Blended Incentives

Blended financing opportunities for the district are provided through innovative combinations of incentive instruments from public & non-public sources, including crowdfunding. Incentives can be in the form of programs, funding and/or any other relevant forms.

  • Green Climate Fund Concept Note Writing | Since early 2020, Gorontalo district has been developing a strategic economic area that integrates agriculture, farming, waste management and renewable energy, to tap into incentives from GCF - a global-scale blended financing.
  • Crowdfunding with BenihBaik for disaster response & COVID-19 relief
  • Collaboration for COVID with Wecare to distribute personal protective & health equipment in LTKL district members.
  • Etc.
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