Our Work

Developing Sustainable Economic Network & Communication

LTKL facilitates spaces for stakeholders to build narratives and collaborate through various communication and co-creation activities leading towards collective actions. As guidance for collaborators to address gaps and opportunities, LTKL designed ‘Peta Gotong Royong’ - an interactive catalogue communicating progress of each district’s sustainable transformation journey through multi-stakeholders collective actions.

1. Multistakeholder Collaboration Network

To visualize multi-stakeholders collaborations between LTKL members and its partner’s network, Peta Gotong Royong is developed as a feature in LTKL website. Information on district member’s progress towards sustainability, along with collaboration gaps & opportunities is mapped out in a catalog format in this feature.

2. Communication & Narrative

Collaboration & co-creation of public events to expand room for dialogue & discussions on sustainability narrative.

  • Sustainable District Festival | A collaboration event for LTKL district members and partners’ network, designed to celebrate & promote progress of sustainability in the district
  • Akademi Generasi Lestari (Green Generation Bootcamp) | A boot camp for youth in various provinces in Indonesia that aims to produce active & critical youth to support sustainable development in their hometown.
  • Webinar Jobsfornature | A series of campaign events to raise the young generation’s awareness & interest on green jobs.
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