Siak Sri Indrapura, 10 October 2019 — The Festival Kabupaten Lestari (FKL) 2019/ 2019 Sustainable District Festival, which is held this year in Siak District, Riau Province, begins today. The series of events on the first day are held at the Regional Building of Siak District, with the theme "Young Entrepreneur Workshop, for A Sustainable Creative Siak"

 "The workshop program is very good because it is expected to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation in Siak district. With so many speakers presented from various regions in Indonesia, hopefully it can benefit and inspire the young generation of Siak so that they can achieve a green Indonesia that is initiated by implementing the Green Siak Vision "

Since 2014 and 2015, forest and land fires have hit Siak District, causing many losses ranging from health problems, economic losses, biodiversity loss, and others.

In 2018 the Siak District Government issued Regent Decree No. 22/2018 about the Siak Hijau (Green Siak) Initiative which contains zoning arrangements for conservations, plantations, industries and settlements. This regulation is a guideline for the regional government of Siak District, the community, and the private sector towards the sustainable management of natural resources for the welfare of the Siak people. To date, Siak District has consistently worked with community organizations to analyze the causes of fires and review local regulations to deal with forest and land fires.

Because of these initiatives, Siak District has now succeeded in reducing deforestation, promoting conservation and restoration of peatlands, handling and preventing forest and land fires, developing ecotourism, and utilizing the use of peat-friendly economically valuable varieties in the Land of Agrarian Reform Object (TORA).

"The role of the young generation is very important to realize the vision of Green Siak District, especially in an effort to ensure that peatlands in Siak District are well managed and able to produce economic value for the community," Alfedri said.

The workshop attended by more than 150 high school students and UMKM communities in Riau, presents a number of speakers such as, Eko Suroso Ambassador young farmers from Kediri, Davit Manalu project coordinator of Du'Anyam, Farhaniza CEO of PT Yagi Natural Indonesia, Clorinda Wibowo platform lead of Pantau Gambaut, Lishia Erzha CEO of Asyx, Ade Putri Paramadita Cullinery Story Teller, and Fitra Aulia City Manager of Tokopedia Lampung and Pekanbaru.

Eko Suroso, a pineapple farmer from Kediri, East Java, invites young people in Siak to farm. One of them is pineapple farming as he does, because Siak is rich in peatlands which are very productive for pineapple cultivation. "Pineapple Farming is very exciting, we can always innovate, for example like using social media while farming, as a promotional media," said Eko.

While Davit Manalu, project coordinator of Du'Anyam, says that innovations in business include training and product improvement, because the market will not want the same goods. Always innovating and improving repeatedly and most importantly must know the market segment. "Just do it ... Just do it first. The choice is if you don't want to be an employee, so you will become an entrepreneur," said David

In the first session, Fithra Aulia, City manager of Tokopedia Lampung and Pekanbaru, presented a new opportunity for the government and the younger generation in Siak. "Tokopedia opens the door to cooperate with Siak District, in order to establish the Tokopedia center in the hope that we can embrace the MSMEs in Siak, the youth or people of Siak, to be able to create business opportunities that can later be known, not only in Pekanbaru or Riau Province, but we can explore it to other areas. "

Tokopedia is also willing to provide many ways so that the young generation of Siak can increase their capacity in entrepreneurship. "Tokopedia is ready to provide coaching clinic, Tokopedia class, or other forms of support. It depends on the readiness of the local government to cooperate with Tokopedia. This cooperation is not limited to the regional government, meaning that it is open to the community, businessmen, and any MSMEs can be connected to Tokedia, "said Fithra.

In the second session after lunch break, the program continued with "Watching Together with Lestari" and "Sustainable Talk: Changing Daily Behavior to Realize Green Siak". In this program some films made by Peat Monitor, told the natural wealth of Peat in Papu and Kalimantan, and how important the function of peatland is for the community. One film that also drew the attention of the participants is the documentary film "Plastic Island" which tells the journey of Gede Robi, lead singer of the music group Navicula, exploring the use of disposable plastic on the island of Bali.

In the discussion that presented Clorinda Wibowo from Pantau Gambut, Andre Christian, Head of the Hutan Itu Indonesia, Andre Danajaya from Kopernik, Robi Navicula, and Nanda Noor from WRI, participants were brought in to explore environmental issues that really need to get support from the younger generation.

"The obstacle to fighting plastic is just a matter of unwillingness, if we want and have determination, we can move to make efforts to reduce disposable plastic. It is not impossible in terms of regulation; the choice is in our hands to move "said Robi.

The workshop was closed with the "Learning from Nature" program, which was a parallel class that participants can take part in. The Culinary Class was guided by Kaum Restaurant, Jakarta in collaboration with local residents, one of whom made a drink called "Salam Lestari" with ingredients from pineapple, musk oranges and red chili. Besides that, Gulai Rajungan Terong, satay lilit and sisit chicken whose ingredients can be found in Siak district were also made. The class made soap from pineapple and a floor cleaner made from pineapple skin, guided by Yagi Natural, Aceh. In addition, there was also a class to make natural dyes from mango leaves, Senduduk leaves and leaves of wild plants in Siak District, this class was guided by Warlami from Bandung. The sustainable handicraft class was guided by Du'Anyam and local Siak craftsmen to make crafts from palm sticks and pandanus. The last class that raised Digital Creative Content was guided by Big Change Jakarta and the Explore Siak community, combining hands-on training to create content about other class materials.

The Festival Kabupaten Lestari in Siak District which is held until the 13th of October is the second Festival of the Lestari District Gathering Circle (LTKL). Last year the festival was held in Musi Banyuasin District, South Sumatra.