Moratorium and Cooperation Commitment Towards Green Siak

Moratorium and Cooperation Commitment Towards Green Siak

Siak Sri Indrapura, October 11, 2019 - Members of Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL) are ready to commit to the success of the Presidential Decree about Palm Oil Moratorium. The commitment was explicitly mentioned by the Chairman of the LTKL, as well as the Regent of Musi Banyuasin Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin in the opening of the Sustainable District Festival in the city of Siak, Riau (10/10). "One of the issues that  will be discussed together is the commitment of the LTKL district to implement a moratorium on palm oil and encourage sustainable farmers' productivity improvement, which is expected to be an effort to prevent forest and land fires in the future," said Dodi.

The discussion and activities of the 4-day Sustainable District Festival are expected to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of the involvement of all parties in realizing sustainable development. Participants also came from various parties, ranging from youth, farmers and planters, district government institutions, to community organizations. The Understanding and joint commitment are expected to encourage the formation of regional regulations that strengthen the efforts to improve community welfare while preserving the environment.

The serious commitment of LTKL district members has also been seen entering the second day of the festival which took place at the Siak District Regional Building. 3 district members explained efforts to overcome the forest and land fire cases that occurred some time ago in a session entitled "Behind the Smoke: Challenges and Efforts of Districts to Fight Forest Fires".

The presentation by Siak District, which was carried out directly by the Regent of Siak, Alfedri, showed a combination of the implementation, enforcement and control of forest and land fires by forming the Organizational Structure for establishing the Karhutla Emergency Task Force. The Alert Task Force starts at the district, sub-district to village level.

The district also continues to provide various tools to support efforts to extinguish forest and land fires. "Procurement of portable fire equipment in the village is very important so that all parties can take part in the effort to suppress the forest and land fires," Alfedri said.

In addition to Siak District, Sintang Regent Jarot Winarno and Musi Banyuasin Vice Regent Beni Hernedi also presented information related to their district. In conclusion, the three districts put forward the importance of the efforts of all parties to prevent future forest fires. "We can't be alone! We must involve all parties to save the forest. Innovations continue to be made to ensure this happens, "said Jarot.

All presentations were then closed with the submission of a one-year report on the implementation of the palm oil moratorium resulting from observations by various community organizations. The report was submitted by the Director of the Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan (Sustainable Madani Foundation) M Teguh Surya and the Director of Sawit Watch Inda Fatinaware, as representatives of civilians to 3 representatives of LTKL members.

In the next session, the Sustainable Talk session, various elements of the community shared and discussed the efforts that have been made in dealing with forest and land fires and efforts to prevent forest and land fires. Starting from the effort to create a fire prevention demonstration plot on idle land by the Komunitas Elang (Elang Community), the private sector and government collaborative actions in palm oil management coordinated by the CORE Proforest agency, to the story of the role of the Fire Care Farmers Group in this session. The various efforts described also increase awareness of the roles of various parties and show efforts that can be done together.

The series of FKL (Sustainable District Festival) events on the second day was closed with the Innovation Meeting which was divided into three themes, namely Innovation in Research and Technology, Institutionalization and Access to Funding

One of the innovations presented was the Smoke Haze Emergency Kit from Kopernik. In the form of an air filter that can reduce the entry of smoke into the house. It is made by heating a simple device, that is a fan and fabric.

"Finding what works ... that is the main thing in innovation. How to create something that can really be used and sustainable in society. "Said Egi from Koperni


The 2019 Sustainable District Festival takes place from October 10-13, 2019 in Siak Regency, Riau Province. The festival is filled with various events that support the realization of green development, such as Sustainable Talk, youth workshops, and field trips to the Danau Zamrud National Park. This festival is the second annual festival held by LTKL district members. The first festival was held in Musi Banyuasin Regency. The holding of the festival is the result of cooperation between the district government, community organizations, and youth communities of LTKL district members.