Jakarta, 4th July 2019 - Sustainable investment is getting more attention in the Indonesian capital market. It not only brings benefits to the region but also directly contributes to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) following the national development targets. Since December 2018, the district members of the Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL) have been prepared to develop a competitive sustainable investment portfolio through the Sustainable Investment Masterclass program with the plantation sector as the priority. The strategic commodities that have been agreed in 2019 include coffee, cocoa, palm oil, rubber, coconut, spices, and non-timber forest products (NTFPs).

Najmul Akhyar, Regent of North Lombok who is also the Secretary-General of the Association of Indonesian District Governments (APKASI) said, "This Sustainable Investment Masterclass is an innovative approach that invites districts to 'pick up the sustainable investment balls' (read: be proactive). It should be underlined that sustainable investment not only must preserve the environment but also places the welfare of the community as the main target of investment. The Sustainable Investment Masterclass approach is expected to encourage collaborations in the district."

The Business Matching agenda which is part of the APKASI Otonomi Expo 2019 series of activities is the culmination of the commodity series Sustainable Investment Masterclass program. The activity that took place at the Jakarta Convention Center was attended by more than 40 districts throughout Indonesia. Districts that have prepared a sustainable investment portfolio have the opportunity to interact directly with more than 50 network partners and potential investor partners that have the potential to provide investments in the forms of funding, technical assistance, networking and even 'a stage' for the district. 

"The sustainable investment not only provides an opportunity for the district to simply develop a business that increases its regional income, but also investments that support the vision of a sustainable district. Along with the development of the investment climate, sustainable investment is the expected form of future investment, said Nelson Pomalingo, Regent of Gorontalo, LTKL Program Coordinator for Business Development and Investment.

In this business matching, there have been 10 agreements with several investor partners. Some of them are CSP (Cocoa Sustainability Partner) who have agreed to collaborate with Sintang District and Keling Kumang Group Credit Union regarding the development of sustainable cocoa commodities and APKASI with LTKL who have agreed to collaborate with Kyuden Mirai Energy and PT Awina Sinergi International to develop renewable energy. Besides that, this business matching also declared the commitment of support from various parties for collaboration towards the Green Siak District.

"We are very happy to be able to start a collaboration of companies in Siak. The process is interesting and challenging and we remain committed to working with our partners in supporting the Green Siak initiative," said Ian Suwarganda (Golden Agri Resources), a member of the companies coalition in Siak. Agreements that occur in business matching are expected to be the pioneers for a better investment climate in Indonesia, which in the future will be able to compete internationally.